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 #88288  by thundertruck40
 Sat Jul 19, 2008 4:00 am
In a few short weeks we'll begin the 2nd annual Stupid Weekly Picks Chase for the Cup. For those who didn't play last year or forgot, it came down to Homestead with FWDWIFE picking up the title after starting in 3rd place. Once again this year the player in 1st place will determine how the scoring will breakdown.

For example if Korndawg (current leader) has 818 points, I'll be rounding it up to 820 then going down 5 points down to 39th. Here's how it'd look if we started the chase today with the current top 12 players from the current standings:

If the SWP Chase for the Cup started today
1. Korndawg (Who?Won) 820 2 wins
2. DanTheManFan (Who?Won) 815 1 win
3. ModCrewman (Who?Won) 810
4. redhead (Dink's Place) 805 1 win
5. Dirttrackfan1984-99 (Who?Won) 800 2 wins
6. Racingroundhog (Who?Won) 795
7. Ereinc (Dink's Place) 790
8. imcafan719 (Elbows Up) 785 2 wins
9. ABEjr (Who?Won) 780
10. I-Stock84x (Elbows Up) 775 2 wins
11. daytona (Who?Won) 770
12. Dink (Dink's Place) 765

As you can see I've been keeping track of wins this year because when we start the chase each win will add 5 points to a players score. Once we start the chase, I'll reset everyone's scores by 5 and then adding the bonus points to the players who earned a win. It's important to try and pick up a win or get as many points as possible before we start the Chase.

Here's how the standings would be if we started the chase today:

Start of the SWP Chase for the Cup
1. Korndawg (Who?Won) 830
2. DanTheManFan (Who?Won) 820
3. redhead (Dink's Place) 815
4. ModCrewman (Who?Won) 810
4. Dirttrackfan1984-99 (Who?Won) 810
6. Racingroundhog (Who?Won) 795
6. imcafan719 (Elbows Up) 795
8. Ereinc (Dink's Place) 790
9. I-Stock84x (Elbows Up) 785
10. ABEjr (Who?Won) 780
11. daytona (Who?Won) 770
12. Dink (Dink's Place) 765

I'll be doing the same as well for those 13th and below so if you didn't make the top 12, you'll still have a chance to win the 13th place prize. As a bonus for the top 12 they're locked in for the final 10 races, so for example if someone stopped playing that was in the top 12 they would end up no worse then 12th.

Just like I did last year I will keep track of the original points standings as well as the SWP Chase for the Cup standings. The chase points will be the official points but it'll still be fun to see how the orginal points would end up. Checking the numbers last year it was Racingroundhog with 1345, ModCrewman with 1343 and FWDWIFE with 1337. The SWP Chase numbers were FWDWIFE with 1476 (4 wins), ModCrewman with 1466 and Racingroundhog with 1425. Either way it was very entertaining and hopefully you guys and gals will find it fun again this year.

Now for the part that I enjoyed and I'm sure our winners enjoyed as well...THE PRIZES . Once again this year I'll be awarding prizes for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and 13th place. Why 13th place you ask, I'm the kind of person that likes to reward somebody who came up a little bit short but still has a chance to win something.

Just ask Hobson_6, our 13th place winner last year who got a pretty nice prize after starting 16th. Think of it this way, if you don't make the chase but end up 13th, you'll get something while 4th through 12th don't. It may not be a lot but you'd be shocked what you can find in the Superstore. Probably be able to find some Tony Stewart items or Dario Franchitti items real cheap haha.

Once again the prizes will be the following:
1st Place: $20 towards Nascar.com Superstore item of his or her choice
2nd Place: $15 towards Nascar.com Supertore ttem of his or her choice
3rd Place: $10 towards Nascar.com Superstore item of his or her choice
13th Place: $5 towards Nascar.com Superstore item of his or her choice

A big thanks goes to Reggie for letting me help him out again this year with the scoring and taking a little weight off his shoulders since he does about 95% of the work. The main thing is something for the users of Dink's Place, Elbows Up and Who?Won to enjoy doing each week. You never what the questions will be or who'll pick up the win or the popular Wet Noodle award.

Best of luck to everyone and thanks again for playing this year if it was just one week or every week. For those who still want to join or been following the SWP threads all year come join the fun.