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 Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:19 am
including 33 in 2015 and 34 last year in 2016.

The COMP Cams Super Dirt Series kicks off May on the 5th and on Saturday the 6th, they visit the #Landof3Wide, Ark-La-Tex Speedway in Vivian, Louisiana for the 7th straight year!

Racer-friendly travel for the deal too as Friday the 5th, CCSDS races at Diamond Park Speedway in southwest Arkansas. Don't know if that will raise or lower that average this year at Ark-La-Tex Speedway -- every year is different for a variety of reasons (economy, weather, competing events, etc,) -- but having two shows to attend for the weekend is one of the keys to helping the count stay up. The lowest the ALT event has ever drawn was 24 Late Models back in 2014 when a companion Friday night event got rained out.

But let's be honest with ourselves... 24 REAL Late Models (non-crate only type rules, eight-inch spoilers only, LOLMDS-type rules, etc.) is pretty dang good these days. 33 is simply OUTSTANDING! Especially over a 2011-to-2016, six-year average.

Proof that if you take a good series program like the COMP Cams Super Dirt Series has and give the drivers a track that's wide, racy and well run, where they can both learn things about their race cars, have fun while they do it... AND have a much better than average chance of loading their cars up in the same condition they unloaded them, they will come.

5 different winners representing 3 states over the six years too. Louisiana's Ray Moore is the only two-time winner of the event. He won the inaugural CCSDS event in 2011 over a field of 28 -- the same year he also won the inaugural Pelican at Ark-La-Tex. Moore did it again in 2014 which was the year he led 49 of the 50 laps in the only Lucas Oil Late Model Series race ever run at Ark-La-Tex before he ended up 2nd to Scott Bloomquist. Another former Pelican champion Bub McCool and Moore staged an epic lead-swapping battle throughout the middle stages of the CCSDS race that year as they traded slide-jobs around the wide quarter-mile. And that was the year "only" 24 showed up. If you let a so-called low count keep you from seeing that... boy did you mess up!

Texas-based World of Outlaw campaigner Morgan Bagley beat a field of 36 back in 2012 in a caution-free event that saw Billy Moyer, Jr. race from 12th starting spot to finish 2nd without that much needed caution. 21JR had the fastest car that night.

The moon and stars must have been aligned just right in 2013 as an incredible field of 44 -- that's FORTY-FOUR -- entered that $2000-to-win event back then. The Batesville Bullet, Wendell Wallace made a three-wide pass for the win as he simultaneously zipped by runner-up finisher Ross Camponovo and early leader Tommy Surrett coming off turn two. And how's this finishing order to round out the top 12? - Ray Moore, Billy Moyer Jr., Billy Moyer Sr. (yep, fun to race at and good place to test too!), Kyle Beard, Ronny Adams, Jack Sullivan, BJ Robinson, Timothy Culp and Jon Mitchell. The fans definitely got more than their money's worth that night!

In 2015 and 2016, the barnburner battles were from 2nd place on back. Lots of 3-wide action both years but Timothy Culp dominated for the win in 2015 and as it turns out, he was between two back-to-back Pelican wins that due to weather, happened three-years apart. Arkansas and Louisiana fight over the rights to Culp. He started his career in Louisiana but races out of Sheridan these days.

In a bit of rarity, there are a pair of separate #R5 Late Model teams that have history in this event. The Childress Racing #R5 has had top five finishes with BJ Robinson and Kyle Cummings behind the wheel. Arkansas's Chandler Petty is in that ride this year. The Childress #F5 with teammate Garrett Alberson has a 4th and a 3rd the past two ALT CCSDS events and currently sits 3rd in CCSDS points.

But the #R5 that smoked the field in this race last year, had and has Jonesboro, Arkansas racer Hunter Rasdon behind the wheel for Brown Brothers Racing out of southeast Missouri. No one has managed two-in-a-row in this one yet but Hunter blasted from outside row 2 at the start to lead all the laps last year.

How about a safe bet to win their first Ark-La-Tex Late Model features... Pick either of these former COMP Cams Super Dirt Series champions: Jack Sullivan or Kyle Beard. They are currently 1-2 in points and both have been very competitive in their trips to Vivian. In fact, throw out 2012 when Kyle Beard won the hard luck award for having horrible luck in his heat race, and his finishes are 2nd, 7th, 3rd, 5th and 5th.

So... Give me 20+ Late Models ANY TIME at Ark-La-Tex Speedway and I'll drive 4 hours and pay $20 to watch! (that's less than $1 per car and pit pass $35 still less than $2 per car) It's a bargain for today's HIGH QUALITY LATE MODEL RACING! The rest is icing on the cake...