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 #245072  by RCAR
 Sat Jan 05, 2013 8:06 am
We tried a 5 grand to win race for southern sport mods in 2009 and tech was impossible. We found 2 to 6 things on the top 5 cars that the dumb ass rule makers did not address, so called gray areas that you really can't dq someone for. I was going to rewrite the rules for the next year to clear it up but then I'd prolly only have 15 cars left. Most track's tech man can't find the stuff we found. We got really good at tech back in the 90's until that damn traction control got so hard to find. Not much cheating got by us but at the time we had over 7000 IMCA modifieds to draw from. With sport mods you have about 10 sets of rules and then they are policed different at every track. People that spend a lot of money to win ruins racing for the average guy and the promoters. Spending wars kills car count. As bad as the engine claim was, it kept the big spenders away. When you limit things you make everyone equal and then you have not hot dogs unless they cheat.
 #245118  by hook
 Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:19 pm
You may be right CAM although I don't know how many SSMs are really willing to pull that far for this.

There are a LOT of B Mods/Sport Mods in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, etc. In Arkansas, the E Mods & B Mods there are very close. In Texas it's the STEMS cars that can get legal by just changing tires and in Louisiana, it's the ProMods. There may be some good three-link Mods just lying around in Texas too that can be made competive given 3 months time to get ready.

And as far as the cheating comments go, stuff will always get said no matter what you do. There are some who adhere to the myth that good tech can only be done by guys wearing IMCA shirts. And then the same guys will sware folks like Terry Phillips and Jeremy Payne are always cheating. Vegas guys? Which way is it?

See I believe there is such a thing as talent and knowledge and outsmarting and outdriving folks too -- not just cheating. Still those two and many other top dawg Modified racers can't run this race. If you read the rules, I'm not sure guys like Eddie Martin, Scott Drake or Wayne Brooks will be allowed in even though they don't fit into the 2012 points classes or traveling series that are not allowed to compete.

This is the best effort I've seen yet at trying to make a Modified race for the 'little guy'.
 #245137  by hook
 Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:47 pm
Don't forget...this is PRE-ENTRY only and you need to send in $220 with an entry form ($270 if you want a pit slab) before March 30th (pit slabs are first come, first serve - no post-dated checks). There's no 'at-the-track' entering.