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 #241420  by etex211
 Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:07 pm
3.73 ring and pinion for GM 7.5 3 series carrier, only 3 or 4 nights on gears, $100...SOLD...
GM metric upper A-Frames, 2 left and 1 right, $30 each...all sold...
GM 7.5 rearend housing, this is a bare housing with the bearing caps on it, no carrier and no axles, $25...SOLD...
GM 7.5 26 spline axle, never installed on a race car, $25...SOLD...
Bassett 5x5 2" off beadlock wheel, $50 ...SOLD...
Diamond 5x5 2" off beadlock wheel with integral mudplug on beadlock, $50 ...SOLD...
$80 for both beadlock wheels ...both beadlock wheels SOLD...
GM 487 head cores, $100 for the pair...SOLD...
GM 283 power pack head cores, $40 for the pair ...sold for scrap...
GM TBI head cores from early 90's pickup, $25 for the pair ...sold for scrap...
Edelbrock 2701 IMCA spec intake, $100 for sale again, will be repossessed from the guy that borrowed it
2 GM cast iron quadrajet intakes, $35 each
Cast iron quadrajet intake for vortec heads, plenum has been milled open, $100
GM left metric spindle, steering arm is straight, caliper doesn't fit right, could probably be fixed, $20...SOLD
Flow Design carburetor adapters, 7040 and 7010, $50 each
993 open chamber heads, removed from good running motor, Isky valve springs, no shoulder screw-in studs, $300
K&N Flow Control air filter housing for 4412, base and top, $25....SOLD
Ford 9" floater housing with GM metric mounts, 60" wide, jigged by Terminator Chassis, $100....SOLD....

Powerglide coupler, "three finger" design, $100

Powerglide transmission core, short tail
2 Racing Powerglides, broken housings, good internals
Powerglide main case with a crack above the reverse clutches, should be able to weld it
All of the internals from a powerglide, including a good planetary, in a cardboard box
All of the powerglide stuff above, except the coupler, $200

5.5" x 9.5" front springs:
Afco 1200, new in box, $35
All used springs, $25 each or 5/$100:
Hyperco: 550, 650
Afco: 600, 900, 1100
SSS: 750, 1100
Carrera: 1100, 1200
$50 for every spring I have

All parts are located in Sulphur Springs, Texas. All parts are first come, first served.

I can be reached via phone at 903.243.0449 or email at [email protected]

11/20/12 GM 7.5 3 series carrier, welded, run only a few nights since welded, $50...SOLD...
12/22/12 One pair of Bilstein S9Z shocks, bent shafts on both, $20 each
5/18/13 Combined some wheels and springs for better prices
5/18/13 One set of GM vortec heads, 1.94/1.50 valves, Z-28 type valve springs, pulled from good running claimer motor, $300
10/1/13 Marked the beadlock wheels sold, combined the powerglide stuff and lowered the price, made the bare 7.5 housing available again, lowered the prices on the springs again, marked the 2701 intake gone
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 #243521  by etex211
 Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:54 pm
Update: Some parts have been sold and a 7.5 carrier has been added.
 #244636  by etex211
 Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:17 pm
Update: Some more parts have been marked as sold, and a pair of rebuildable Bilstein shocks have been added.
 #249105  by etex211
 Sat May 18, 2013 10:44 am
Update: Wheels combined for better price, new price for all springs, vortec heads added