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 Thu Mar 20, 2014 4:32 pm
(MARCH 20TH, 2014) Nelson Car and Truck Center has a full line of used cars, trucks and vans all available for immediate purchase. The Iowa used car lot can be in Osceola, Iowa be sure to stop in to view their inventory. You can also browse the full inventory on the Iowa used car website via http://www.NelsonCarandTruck.com .

If you’re in the market for a car make sure you point your browser to the new used car lot website to see if Nelson Car and Truck center can get your rolling in a new automobile. The full physical address is 2495 Highway 34 Osceola, Iowa 50213 where the full inventory of cars seen on the used car website is stationed.

Stay tuned to the Nelson Car and Truck Center website as it’s always up to date with the latest automotive machines for sale. If you are in search of a car that’s not listed give them a call at 641-342-6591 and they’ll try to locate the vehicle for you.

Nelson Car and Truck Center

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About Nelson Car and Truck Center
Nelson Car and Truck Center is an Iowa used car lot located in Osceola, Iowa.

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