Elbows Up

Die-cast, door panels, souvenir programs, decals, ticket stubs, big cardboard Jeff Gordon stand-ups and the like.
 #179299  by workingracer
 Thu Jul 22, 2010 10:51 pm
I have a collection of Stock Car magizines, The oldes is 1966 daytona 500 issue. I also have the issue that has the big fight at Daytona on the cover with the Allisons & Cale. I have a few from the late 60's. Most every issue from the 70's up to 2002. Some issues I have 2 copies. I think I have about 300 copies all in order and in individual bags.There is 7 file boxes full. I had a colletor tell me a few years ago that I have some valuable copies and some not so valuable but the complete set is worth about $800. There is no telling what I have invested in this colletion over the years. I have seen some of these single magizines sell for $50 to $200 at trade shows. I have lost interst in collecting them

I would take $500 cash for the set or trade something of value . If intersted PM