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Sprint Car and Midget items for sale or wanted ... 305, 360, 410, Winged, Non-Winged ... the open wheel stuff goes here.
 #263219  by Nathan48
 Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:35 pm
410 Cummins racing engine $25,000
GB2200, engler 2 13/16 injection
0 laps since freshened
Fuel pump, and bypasses
Original kistler TSR motor
428 Cummins racing engine $15,000
Ls a4mp motor, throttle body injection
Electronic ignition, legal 410 motor
0 laps since rebuild
Fuel pump, and bypasses
Original shaver
2013 Wolfweld $2000
Car was not raced until 2014
Only about 15 nights on car total
Frame and body with motor plate
87/40 raised rail
2006 Maxim $1200
5 bar Big Max non wing
Built by Bubby Jones
Car has been repaired.
Frame and body with motor plate
17x6 weld obl P $300
18x5 duralite obl B $175
18x3 Keizer obl B $200
15x5 Keizer obl P $250
14x5 sander obl P $250
14x6 Keizer ibl P $250
9x5 Keizer obl P $175
8x5 weld obl P $175
8x5 weld P $100
8x5 Keizer B $75
8x6 Keizer B $75
8x5 Keizer P $90
Ars by momentum $1200
4 shocks with cockpit cables
Rebound adjustable
Pro non adjustable $50ea

Afco non adjustable $65ea

Rear ends
Dmi xr2 $1250
Internal coupler
New case, bearings, & seals
Dmi xr1 $900
Internal coupler
Long spline
Waterman 500 pump $300
Ascs med right rears $40ea
Rd12 left rears $40ea
Winters torque ball $100
Dmi torque ball $150
Torsion bars $20ea
Msd magneto $800
Front arms $30ea
Rear arms $50ea
Maxim motor plate $50
Maxim carbon dash $65
15 al body rockers $50

Text or call me. Nathan Moore. 903-780-9934