Elbows Up

NASCAR ... plus anything else that pounds the pavement.
 #252082  by ReggieF
 Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:29 am
This is the third time Tony has been involved in a big sprint car wreck or flipped in the past six weeks.

It is interesting to contrast what folks like Jeff Burton have said about Tony's sponsors likely wanting him out of sprint cars/ dirt cars - and Dale Jarrett saying Tony is a racer, and he is going to race.

Tony was trying to race at 100 events in 2013 - missing that goal is going to bother him worse than missing a couple Sprint Cup races.

I also wonder how well he will be able to run at Michigan the weekend after this one. That right leg is going to take a lot of pressure holding the throttle wide open for several hours.

Bristol might be an even greater challenge - a lot of braking - on and off the throttle.